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Attracted to colors and glitters since my youngest years,

ooobviously, I had to make it my job !

High up my 1m50 (small but concentrate with talent !) my super power is to grab my brushes faster than my own shadow ! 

My mission ? Make you shine with subtlety to reveal your natural beauty. Because, yes ! You all are ✨ beautiful ✨ and I love to make you fall in love with yourself when you look at your reflection in the mirror.

If I wear glasses, it's only to see you better 😉

And the little flaw, I hope you'll forgive me .. I speak less when I'm laser focus on giving you the perfect skin or that bad bitch liner 🤓


Random !

• I am addict to lipbalms ! 👄

• Mum of more than quinze plants, my dream is to adopt a dog (if you bring yours to your wedding, he'll be getting all of my attention too !) 🐶 

• I love to re-watch some films or tv-shows ! Sex & The City, Dirty Dancing or Harry Potter (team Hufflepuf), just to name a few 🥰

• I spend a lot of time on my laptop and if I'm not responding mails, I'm certainely playing The Sims or Geoguessr 🙈

By digits !

20 : the age I got my cosmetology degree

1 : makeup school

+170 : brides who trusted me since 2018 !

+6 ans : I am proud to be my own lady boss !

: Grateful to infinity&beyond to be able to live of my passion 🎨

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