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Bridal makeup & hair

If you're searching for a natural makeup and a modern hairstyle that make you shine

on your wedding day, you're in the right place !

How does it go ? 

The trial !

Time to meet irl ! It's not just a little preview but a dedicated couple of hours to create together, the makeup and the hair you've always dreamt of !

The goal ? To make you see the elevated glam godess that you are, and still be able to feel like yourself !

The big day !

Here we are ! I meet you wherever you like to glam you up ! You just have to enjoy your day and let me take care of everything. After all, you are the queen of the day !


You and I .. is it a match ? 🔥

Yes !  If you're looking for a makeup artist who .. :

  • Do luminous makeups just to enhance YOUR natural beauty.

  • Is specialized in bridal. +170 brides trusted me to do their hair and makeup ! No stress, everything is under control. I do that every week !

  • Is professional. I know how to be discreet and reassure you when needed. You want to get ready with Britney Spears or in silence .. I can adapt to everything !

  • You can trust. I won't let you down at the last minute and you are all going to be ready on time !

  • Listens to you ! I make sure to know what you want, but if you want to vent out about your MIL or your BFF coming in wearing white, I'm your girl ! 

Fanny Garcia Makeup artist Lyon
  • When should I contact you ?
    As soon as the bookings are open in septembre for the year to come and of course, during all the year. Send me an inquiry via this form, to know my availability !
  • Do you propose your services outside of Lyon ?
    It is possible depending on your location ! I usually travel until 1h drive around Lyon.
  • How can I book you for my wedding ?
    First thing first, you have to send me an inquiry via this form and talk to me about your wedding project. For which time do you need to get ready ? Which place ? Will you have guests ? What kind of beauty look are you looking for ? If I'm available and I think we are a match, I'll send you my price list. If you are ok with it, I'll send you a personalized quote that you have to send me back with your signature to book your date. When I'm sending the quote, it's not a "pre-boooking" I don't book any date without the quote being returned and signed I don't take deposit
  • What about the trial ?
    It is included in your bridal package ! I usually recommend to do it a couple of months before your big day. But if you are in France only a couple of days before, it is also possible and reassuring ! Before that, you're very welcome to send me inspo pics, some of your natural hair and one of your dress so I can imagine a cohesive beauty look for you. The trial takes place during the week and it's a dedicated 2 to 3h to create the perfect look for you ! After the preview, please give me your feedback ! Did the makeup last ? Do you want to change something ?
  • Can you do my guests makeup and hair ?
    Yes ! I'm always ready to grab my brushes to make all your closest friends and family glow up ! It's an essential if you want me to book the entiere day for you.
  • How much time do I need to get ready ?
    On the d-day, I need 1h30/2h to do the bride hair and makeup. For your guests, I need +/- 30min to do a makeup and 30/60min to do an hairstyle. Those timings a approximate and can change depending on what you want.
  • Do I need to provide something for the service ?
    I need a table to put all of my makeup/hair stuff. A chair for you to sit in. The best is if I can be just right in front of a window so we can make the most of the natural sunlight for the makeup ! An electric outlet nearby is needed for all hair services and a bathroom is appreciated so I can wash my hands. Unless you want me to use a particular product (which you can bring), you have nothing else to worry about !
  • Which products do you use ?
    Since there's good and bad everywhere, I don't use a unique brand but I grab products here and there to get the best for you ! I have french brands like Make Up For Ever, Dior, Chanel, Embryolisse, Typology or PLS Cosmetics. I sometime use Nyx, Kiko and also Kryolan, MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Nars and even Charlotte Tilbury.

All the A's to your Q's


Love words ♥

What's better than reading brides I already pampered ?


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Because the prep gives the mood to your day,
imagine a wedding morning where you can let your mind be             

Free  !


You already know what you'll look like since we did a preview and we found THE look that will make you feel like the only girl in the world !

You don't have to worry about organizing all the prep because I do a personalised planning with timings so each one of you know when she is getting pampered ! Yes, you'll all be ready on time ! 

You don't have to rush from one location to the other to get your makeup and your hair done. I meet you where you need me to, while you can sip champ with your girls

You don't have to prevent yourself from drinking, eating and kissing because I stay with you until you put your dress on to do some retouch. I want you all the be picture perfect !

And mostly ! You know that you have a makeup and an hair that while last all night even if you set fire to the dancefloor ! 

The only thing to do, is to                        

enjoy ! 



Photoshoot  / May 2023


Photoshoot  / December 2022


Photoshoot  / May 2021


Photoshoot  / October 2020


Photoshoot  / December 2019


Photoshoot  / January 2019


Wedding  / March 2019


Photoshoot  / July 2017

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